Talking with our kids for the first time!!!

Yesterday Kelsey and I were *finally* able to talk with our kids! We’ve seen pictures and read all the reports we’ve been given by our agency, but nothing compared to actually talking with them and seeing their smiling faces.

The call was via Skype, and it was facilitated by the directors of the orphanage at which our kids are living. We had expected it to be next week, but the attorney in Costa Rica who will be facilitating our adoption emailed us on Thursday with a “how about Skype tomorrow at 1:30” message. It was super short notice, but we absolutely made it work.

Why are we so nervous??

Kels and I headed into the conversation very nervous and with a hundred questions in our heads. What do we say? How will they respond? Will it be awkward with a translator having to translate everything?

Both of us would honestly rather have simply been heading down to meet them in person. Talking to them via video call seemed an odd way to be introduced. But the Skype call with our kids is something our agency has us do before we travel.

Calling our kids

We called at 1:30 on the dot, which was our scheduled time. No answer. We could see that the directors were online. I guess we just wait…

Georgiana called us back within a minute, and my heart started racing. This was really it.

We answered the call to only see Georgiana, who briefed us on the kids and who told us that she would be facilitating the call (actually, the attorney had told us that, but she confirmed it again). She also said the kids were super excited to talk with us, which was very encouraging.

The kids showed up a few minutes later, and they were all smiles. We waved and said our hellos. I tried not to let the tears flow (amazingly, I made it through the whole call without that).

Georgiana then did a wonderful job of facilitating the call, translating, and keeping the conversation going. She was absolutely fantastic. We were able to answer questions for our kids, and ask them questions as well. Kels and I both talked a little bit in Spanish, but for the most part we let Georgiana translate.

Our talk with our kids covered all kinds of things: what did you do today? What do you like to eat? Do you have snow? What do you like to do for fun? What is your favorite [color, animal, food, etc.]?

It was an absolutely amazing time. I had expected the call to be roughly half an hour, but it was nearly 1:20, over an hour of which was talking with the kids.

The kids were all smiles, attentive, and engaged with us for the most part (ok…Zhion ended up getting restless, but he is only 3). It was *so* beautiful to see. Kels and I are overjoyed. I could not have expected the call to possibly go this well. We are completely floored by the Lord’s grace and love toward us to let us adopt the 3 beautiful kids.

The timeline from now

We have another Skype call scheduled with the kids, which we hope will go just as wonderfully. We’re not sure if there will be a 3rd (or 4th). We’ll wait and see what Georgiana and/or our agency says.

Kels and I have a couple more items to finish up as far as paperwork goes. We have to finish our adoption education, sign a few more forms, and have some travel calls with our agency.

You’re probably wanting to ask the question we get most: when are we headed down to Costa Rica?

The answer is still: we don’t know. I am really hoping and praying that we will find out this week. We’ll probably have flights and hotel booked within 24 hours after we know (since that’s kinda my thing).

Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. We are overjoyed with our kids and can’t wait to actually meet them in person! 🙂


3 Replies to “Talking with our kids for the first time!!!”

  1. Thank you Lord for all that you do. thank you for these presious children and I ask for continued prayers for this family that You have brought together. we love you kelsey and Ian!


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